Auto And Renters Insurance Bundle Quotes 

Determinants of Your Premiums?

According to Statista, the annual car insurance rate in Ohio in 2020 was $561, making it among the states with the lowest auto insurance rate. On the other hand, Ohio was among the highest-paying state in terms of average annual home insurance premium, as per Insurance Information Institute (III). However, your actual premium while getting a car and home insurance quote can vary significantly as compared to the average rates. Learn how your actual premium reflected in auto and renters insurance bundle quotes vary significantly compared to the average rates. 

 What Impacts Your Auto and Renter Insurance Bundle Quotes? 


Where you live and where you keep your car substantially affect your insurance rates. For instance, if you’re living in an area where thefts occur frequently, you bring a higher risk for the insurers. That will reflect on the premium your insurer charges you.

On the other hand, if you’re living in a gated community or park your car in a privately enclosed garage, you have lower risks of loss. That means you will have lower premiums.

Coverage variety and amount 

 The amount of coverage you require depends on your risk exposure and your home and car’s value. For instance, typically, you’ll need more dwelling coverage for your home worth $650,000 than for a home worth $500,000. Nevertheless, this notion may not hold if your home has unique features.

A simple rule of thumb – if you need higher coverage, you have to pay a higher premium – and that’s for both car, home, or any other insurance type like renters insurance.


auto and renters insurance bundle quotes

Security plans 

Insurers highly reward people who make efforts to lower their risks. Therefore, if you’ve installed security devices in your homes, such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers, or use deadbolt locks, you may get good discounts.

It’s the same for the auto too. If you’ve installed an anti-theft system, steering brakes, or any other loss prevention device, your insurers will offer you discounts. It’s recommended that you talk to your insurer before installing the security systems because they may have preferential devices that could make you eligible for a greater discount.

Claim history 

If you make frequent claims for your house or car, you’ll be classified as a high-risk group. Naturally, you’ll need to pay more for insurance. Therefore, be extra careful regarding the frequency of losses. Installing loss prevention systems in your home and your car will limit the losses and the claim frequencies.

Also know about local insurance agent to know more.


A deductible is an amount you’ve consented to pay for the loss caused by an insured peril or event. While choosing deductibles, remember two things:

  • A higher deductible leads to lower premiums.
  • A higher deductible means you need to be ready to pay the agreed amount in the event of a loss.

Learn how your actual premium reflected in best auto and renters insurance bundle vary significantly compared to the average rates. 

You should also contact an independent insurance agent or know how to become an insurance broker for insurance careers and get an insurance license


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